My Art.... My Life....

Life for me began when I was six. It was the first time ever that I picked up a piece of charcoal and gave my innermost feelings an expression...on paper. Watching my mother at work, with her fingers moving dexterously,Ioften wondered about her thoughts while she was going throughs her normal chores.

I channeled my energies into artistic expressions and learnt the right way to stroke the paper with my fingers and thumb and even my palm while doing drawings with charcoal. The black and white tones of this medium did not deter me for Iwas not afraid to swim against the tide. I knew that there was more truth in black and white and colour though appealing, was not enough of a challenge for me. I honed my skills at art colleges drawing inspiration from the images of childhood, which had left an indelible impression on my mind. One exhibition followed another and with that grew my resolve to adopt this as my life. I have come a long way from being that shy reticent boy of six who oftenwondered about the secrets of life.

Experiences have been my master and taught me the realities of life, which no school can teach. Life too has left its impressions, portrayed in my drawings. I am still learning and will continue to do so, for which Iam thankful to all who helped me knowingly or unknowingly to be what I am today. But above all else,to share with me a part of themselves, by accepting my life.